Quester (Fool)

What are you seeking?
Who do you meet?
Risk to explore, to learn, to trust,
To find the truth of who you are.

Your card today is Quester, indicating it is time for you to move forward with trust and openness as you move beyond your comfort zone. You are at the beginning of an adventure, stepping through the gates of the unknown into endless possibilities. As you move through the portal, know that your guides will protect you. Call on them; establish a relationship of trust with them, for they will guide you on this adventure. Practice asking questions that lead to empowerment, listen carefully and learn to integrate the answers to your questions.

The lessons you learn on your journey beginning today will empower you to trust and touch the heart of your pure self.

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Earth, Air, Water, Fire,
Bring me your power.
Manifest my magic to do good.

I call on Spirit to ignite my soul.Your card for today is the Magician, indicating that the time has come for you to manifest what you want for your highest good. Use your skill set and tools for excellent communication, mature relationships, creative endeavors, and focused abundance. At this time you hold the energy of creativity, diplomacy and confidence.

Be clear and articulate what it is you want, for today you are empowered to call upon the Universe to set the stage for your manifested desire as long as you are calling on the powers to harm none. Pay attention to how you are stating your desires and what you are saying and thinking that supports those desires.

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High Priestess

You have the knowing.
Call on your intuition.
Meditate on the true law of the Universe
as you sit on the seat of wisdom.

Today’s card is the High Priestess which represents the access to your spiritual enlightenment and inner illumination. Take time today to find quiet and look within to reveal what is hidden in the shadows, and then trust your instincts about the situation. Pay attention and distinguish between what you want to be true, and the Truth. This is the time to put your rational mind aside and rely, without question, on your intuitive understanding of the issue.

Call on the wisdom of and connection to spirit, and listen to the internal wisdom, listening and trusting your inner voice.

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Sustenance (Empress)

Sustain us with love and compassion;
Lead us to new possibilities.
Help us grow and nurture us
As we move through the world.

Today your card is Sustenance, traditionally called the Empress. This is the time to nurture yourself in order to become empowered to use your words and skills as tools to strengthen worthy causes and people around you. Be confident in your abilities as a leader, and your intellect and skills to sustain those in your sphere. Recommit to the welfare of nature and the earth as well as people. You will find that you are abundant in all ways. When you are strong, be generous in what you give to help empower others.

Today, take time to feel a deep connection with the feminine. Femininity appears in many ways – as beauty, sensuality, fertility, creative expression, and nurturing. The attributes of Sustenance are necessary to create balance in both men and women.

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Authority (Emperor)

A thoughtful leader and decision-maker,
Inclusive of others,
Holding the vision for the betterment of all and
Wise and brave enough to accept the consequences.

Today you will find you, or someone in your sphere, will have the final say about an issue or project that impacts you. If you are the Authority, make the decision based on wisdom and experience to provide the building blocks for the structures that will follow. Be systematic and plan carefully keeping in mind long term goals for the good of all. Be compassionate and recognize those under your tutelage. Understand and be willing to accept the consequences of your decisions.

If someone else is the Authority you must understand that you have less control and independence than that person in the situation and you cannot win in a confrontation.

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Advisor (Hierophant)

Wise One, teach me you ways.
How do I discover the answers?
How do I find my power?
Share your knowledge and
Your wisdom with me.

Your card for today is the Advisor, which is the Hierophant in the traditional deck. You will find yourself being called upon, or calling upon, an expert in a specialized area. It could be in the realm of spirit, psychology, law, accounting or other parts of your life. The Advisor is the translator of established and specialized rules and language from within a particular area of study to the general population.

You are empowered by giving wise and truthful counsel that is based on experience and fairness if you are the Advisor. If you go to an Advisor you become empowered when you actively listen to and judiciously apply the specialized knowledge in your life.

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Choice (Lovers)

Show me the way to my highest good;
Lead me to my truth.
Give me insight for the best outcome
and strength to live with the consequences.

Today is the time to evaluate your values and beliefs in order to make the best decisions for your highest good. Realize that you are making a significant choice that will have future implications. Examine the moral consequences of your actions and proceed accordingly. Essentially, you will be deciding to do things the way you have done them in the past, or to do things in a new way. Understand that not making a decision today is a decision. It is the time to realize that if you want something different in your life, you have to make a change. If you like your life the way it is, keep doing things in the old way.

Today you are empowered to make choices that match your values and ethical systems. Be empowered to see the difference between what is true and what you want to believe is true.

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Determination (Chariot)

Be determined, in control, and move forward.
Drive the force of fast, rapid change.
Use your intellect; trust your intuition.
Stay focused and ride the wings of spirit!

Today the Determination card (the Chariot in traditional decks) indicates it is the time to boldly approach the controlled, rapid and focused change coming your way as a result of your decision to follow your true path. Know that the energy of the situation today may change so quickly that you must intuitively adjust your flight as there will not be time to make new plans. By the very nature of setting your intention, focusing on your goal, and riding the wings of spirit, you are likely to succeed, even if success comes later than today.

You are empowered to have faith in yourself today, and in the decisions you need to make. Travel with your personal beliefs and values as your compass.

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Your strength is grace.
Be gentle as you tame the wild beast;
Use your compasson and healing for all.
Draw on the strength of your naked truth.
Be Strong!

Today the energy of the Strength card will help you to transcend your emotions and stand firmly with self-control. Trust that you have the internal power and fortitude to endure and conquer the challenges that may rise up before you. Remember that true Strength relies on gentleness and focus, not the use of force. Strength gives you confidence to meet internal or worldly impediments with grace, unencumbered by emotional reactions.

Today you are empowered to meet challenges with the self-assurance and calm that disarms those with whom you may find yourself engaged in a conflict.

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Introspection (Hermit)

Seek and honor the wisdom within;
Share your knowledge, though others may not accept it.
Be willing to stand apart in your truth.
Accept, with compassion, that each of us has our own path.
Your wisdom shines for the world to see.

Today’s card, Introspection, or the Hermit in traditional decks, is a reminder to carve time and place for solitude. Use today to go within and search your soul to align with your unique life path. It is time for you to be alone time to hear the voice within. Make today an opportunity to leave behind the pressures and distractions common in your life. Listen to the voice of your highest consciousness, and then take action based on the knowledge you obtain from your meditation and search.

Be willing to share your truth, as you experience it, while accepting, with compassion, that the path of others may be different. It is sometimes lonely because there are times when one must follow the truth even though others reject it. Introspection empowers you to be strong and compassionate even when it is necessary to stand alone.

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Wheel of Fortune

Spin, Spin.
Embrace change;
Bring good fortune.
Spin, Spin.

Today’s card, the Wheel of Fortune, lets you know can be in sync with the Universe. The Wheel of Fortune reminds us of inevitable, most often positive, changes in life. It is time to pay attention to what it is trying to tell you. Times will begin changing today, and this is your opportunity to prepare for your future. Change can be very difficult for people who have a strong desire to control. The wheel will spin, and today is the time for you to decide how you will accept and respond to the turn of the Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel of Fortune empowers you to participate rather than passively accept the direction of your life’s fortune.

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Know that everything is connected.
Be aware, all actions have consequences.
Act with balance, fairness and harmony;
Lady Justice will always serve you in truth.

Today’s daily card, Justice, suggests that you are being called upon to make a decision to balance actions fairly and without prejudice according to the rules in play. Unlike the highest moral laws of the High Priestess, the laws of Justice are manmade and your judgment will be based on those rules or laws. Be mindful that there are consequences and responsibilities for every deed based on your decisions today.

You are empowered by Justice when you make fair decisions based on the rules, no matter the emotions or relationships involved. If you are dealing with legal matters today, the decision will be just and fair according to the rules, even if you did not understand the rules and the decision is not the outcome you desire.

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New Perspective (Hanged Man)

Surrender to enlightenment;
Prepare for initiation.
Dream your new world.
Transformation comes in divine timing.

As your daily card, New Perspectives, (the Hanged Man in traditional decks), suggests that you pause before making a decision. This is the time for you to question your old beliefs before moving towards your future direction. You are counseled to be open to new outlooks and attitudes from unexpected places and to be willing to surrender the old. Be patient with yourself today, and know that it takes time to review all of the points of view.

You are empowered by examining your options from fresh, unfamiliar sources before deciding on your course of action that will lead to initiation of spirit to a higher level of consciousness. This is the time for you to dream a new world. Just for today, do most or all of your routine in a different way. Walk out a different door, take a different route, talk to a new person, or eat a new food.

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Life Cycles (Death)

Call in the new;
Be with the One.

As your daily card, the Life Cycles card (traditional Death card), indicates that it is time to release something that is keeping you from growing in at least one part of your life. Accept death as part of the cycle of life, celebrate what was, release it and become empowered to move forward to a new phase in your life. Going through the process of accepting loss leads to a new phase that allows forward movement.

End your habit of holding onto that which has completed the Life Cycle. The end of the cycle is a time for remembrance, a time to grieve, acknowledging the pain of loss. Death is the final transition from one state of being to another. Grieve your loss, understanding that grief is a cleansing process. Use this ritual today to demonstrate severing the old in order to make a space for the new. Take something that represents that which has died, blessing it, then burn or bury it to signify the permanent release. At the end of the ritual, open your heart and your arms and welcome the love and compassion of the One to fill the empty space until the new seed of your future has taken root.

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Honor each aspect of who you are;
Blend all aspects of your life.
Be patient, loving and balanced.
You are the alchemist of your life.

With today’s card, Temperance it’s time to acknowledge, honor and balance all of the roles you play in your life. Balance does not imply all parts are given equal attention. Like making a stew, ingredients are added in different proportions in order to make a well balanced, wonderful whole. In a like manner, at one stage of your evolution, you will give more energy to one life role over another. Only you can make necessary adjustments when needed to become balanced.

An empowerment exercise for Temperance today is to write down all of the roles you play in your life. Once the list is complete, create a large pie and allocate a piece of the pie for each of your life roles. Note that not all of the roles receive the same size of the pie. Acknowledge what pieces need to be adjusted in order for you to have more balance.

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Entrapment (Devil)

Caught in the web, how to escape?
No matter, the cause is without;
The answer to freedom lies within.
Free yourself of negativity.
Find your strength and claim your power.

Today’s card is Entrapment, which is the Devil in traditional decks. In some part of your life you feel trapped in stagnation and negativity. Today, you are being reminded that the stagnation and lack of power you feel is only an illusion. You can find an escape and you can get more control over your life.

To become empowered, identify where you feel trapped. Review the choices you have made, and take responsibility for those choices. Explore your habits to see if they have become obsessions or addictions. Just by asking the question about what has entrapped you, and looking for solutions, you change the energy of the web. Draw another card to explore what resources are available to empower you to escape your web.

You are empowered by acknowledging that you will find a way out of the web and by committing to take responsibility to free yourself from the illusion.

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Chaos (Tower)

Upheaval, destruction, transformation:
The structure of my life is revolutionized.
Show me the pieces of truth and wisdom
To rebuild new foundations in my life

Today’s card, Chaos, is the Tower card in traditional decks. This card often comes up when you’ve chosen to stay in your comfort zone rather than to make choices to enhance your growth. Maybe you have known that a change is necessary but are reluctant to take the next step. When Chaos comes up, the choice to make a change is no longer yours. You have put yourself in the position to receive a cosmic kick-in-the-ass.

Your foundations are being torn asunder. The rapid, unexpected change may come in the form of work, relationship, or some other aspect of your life. You will most likely find yourself in a position to question your security and your beliefs.

To become empowered, recognize that the old forms needed to be destroyed for you to move forward. Accept that the upheaval is out of your control but that you can create new opportunities from the destruction. Make a list of what to release, and another list of what to call into your life to replace what you release. Pull another card to learn how to move through the Chaos.

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The Star

Believe that your are the Star.
Open to divine inspiration
Knowing you will succeed.
Reach for your highest potential.

Today is a grand day to celebrate your connection to the Universal source. You have achieved a sense of calm and grace and now feel the wonderful energy flow through you. By opening to the divine within, you will be inspired with gentle passion as your highest good finds its fullest expression. This card promises success in your future. Have the courage to follow your inspirations. You are directly connected to the source.

You are empowered to believe in your dreams and the fulfillment your destiny. Find the flow and work with it. Release your fears and be open to inspiration.

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The Moon

Embrace the power and mystery of the night.
Listen to the secrets of the constellations.
Observe the subtle tides of your emotions;
Reveal that which is hidden.

Today’s card is the Moon, which reminds you to be aware of the difference between illusions and reality and to pay attention to the internal tides of your dreams and feelings. Take time to contemplate, listen carefully, and look for the light from within to reveal the truth of the matter. Today is a good time to learn to trust your intuition.

You are empowered by the Moon when you are able to call upon your intuition to help you distinguish between what you want and what is real. Pay attention to the cycles and phases of the moon. Starting today, make note of the phase of the moon (quarter, half, full, new) and note the emotions you are feeling. Becoming conscious of the tides of life and emotions will help you to trust your intuition and reveal the secrets of your emotions. The moon is gentle, you can be brave.

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Shine with confidence;
Believe the promise of success!
Seize your place in the Universe.
Go for it!

Today is a wonderful day! The Sun says to have confidence in your decisions and actions. The Sun is central to our place in the universe. In a like manner, it symbolizes our "self" in relation to the whole of our private universe. It triumphs in the light of each day and surrenders to the dark of night.

It is a strong yes to your question, be it the undertaking of a new adventure or the risk of a new relationship. Understand that your attitude in relationships is valued as enlightened, generous, and loving. The Sun allows an internal "sigh," assuring that things are going well.

You are empowered by the joy the Sun brings to you. Believe and trust that the Sun will shine success on your hopes and dreams. Go for it!

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Awakening (Judgment)

Awake! Release old paradigms and patterns.
Listen to your intuition;
Choose freedom.
Celebrate who you are and soar to your highest potential.

Today’s card says that you will have an Awakening that transcends the limitations of the past. The Awakening is the Judgment card in traditional decks. Today, you have the opportunity to have a shift in consciousness to release old paradigms of consciousness and dogma that restrict or compromise your authentic self.

You may come to the realization today about the changes you need to make in your life to be on the path of your destiny. Awaken to a new sense of purpose and forgive the past in order to get on with your life. You are being rewarded for your efforts and the work you have completed.

Imagine each tooth in the zipper representing an old belief or model that no longer works for you. Feel the freedom of movement as you ascend past the old and outdated self.

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The World

Step beyond the confines of the world;
The journey comes to an end.
Lessons have been mastered,
Acknowledge and celebrate completion.

Today’s World card, indicates that some task, adventure or challenge is complete and you are victorious. A celebration is important to acknowledge what has been accomplished. Today is a good time for you to celebrate your accomplishments. Know that you have done well and that you are blessed with success. Yes, there are always more challenges and work to be done, but in some major part of your life you have completed a journey. Acknowledge it and celebrate it.

You are empowered when you listen to the compliments and praise of those around you. Too often we discount the positive and concentrate on our perceived lack. Pause today to acknowledge and celebrate that you are complete in your work before starting a new journey.

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You are the mystery,
You decline to answer.
What are you hiding?
How will I know?

The Unknown, today’s card, tells you that the Universe is not ready to give you information or to answer your question. The Universe has not yet put all of the factors in place to respond to the situation. Patience is needed before any decision is made or action can be taken.

You are empowered by the Unknown card when you decide to trust spirit, even though you are not getting the information you requested. Think about what you want to accomplish today, or what question you want answered and then come back and choose another card.

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