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tarot of empowerment cards


Discover the Tarot deck intentionally created to help you gain personal power.

‘Tarot of Empowerment’ is a Major Arcana Limited Edition Collector set. The fresh interpretations by author Judyth Sult, and the inspired images by fine artist Gordana Curgus have redefined traditional Tarot as a tool to empower people to make choices to improve their lives. Each image is graced with symbols of strength and beauty. Each interpretation calls on readers to explore their very highest potential.

Some of the names of the cards have been changed to reflect a contemporary interpretation of the traditional archetypes. Artistically, the religious symbols typically found in traditional decks have been replaced with art that draws upon symbols universal to all human experience.

There are 23 Major Arcana in the ‘Tarot of Empowerment’ deck. The 23rd card is called the Unknown and reflects a situation about which your angels and guides are not yet prepared to reveal to you. We invite you to explore this website to discover other changes to the names of the Major Arcana that promote a more empowered perspective of the cards.