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About Us

Tarot of Empowerment is a collaboration between
Judyth Sult and Gordana Curgus


judyth225Rev. Judyth Sult is an Empowerment Coach, author, teacher and healer who has been passionate about using Tarot as a discovery tool. She learned her craft in the traditional fashion by apprenticing for a period of years with master teachers. For the over 30 years she has continued to improve and expand her skills through workshops, seminars and classes with various authors and teachers.

Judyth’s readings reveal constructive solutions and suggest conscious actions towards self-empowerment. Judyth believes an objective perspective will help to clarify your situation and offer new alternatives. Her approach to readings, teaching and healings is to help you gain more knowledge about who you are in order to engage the very best of yourself on a daily basis. She believes that all cards are positive and that when potentially challenging cards come up in a reading it provides you an opportunity to learn the best way to deal with the challenge. Tarot can help you learn how to clear confusion, discover new perspectives, and identify outdated patterns.

Judyth says, “With Tarot, you always have choices, and the free will to make decisions about your future. Readings are always focused on you and the tools you can employ heal wounds and become empowered to move forward in your life.”


Gordana Curgus, painter, artist of the Tarot of Empowerment DeckGordana Curgus is a graphic designer, illustrator and award winning self-taught fine artist with a deep understanding of the archetypes.

Gordana states, “In the moments when our soul speaks to us in a quiet, perhaps even silent voice, giving us this great power and influence at conscious and unconscious level, the best art is created. This energy of the soul is woven into the art creations that can be recognized and felt by others. That is why art is a universal language, and its truth is accessible to all who view it regardless of culture, nationality, language, age or status in life. It is the tool that crosses cultures, breaks boundaries, and grants access and connections that are not available through any other means.”

Gordana’s paintings have been exhibited at Galleries and Museums and featured in the Southwest Art Magazine. Her work has received numerous awards and recognitions and can be found in private collections across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Gordana was born in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia, where she was trained as an engineer. When the civil war began in 1992, she became a refugee and escaped to the United States with her husband and son. In spite of losing family and friends in the civil war of her birth country, she has created a life of art and spirit in her new home.